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“The special moments of life need be communicated with outstanding expressions”

The dish originally originated in Persia where it is considered as a comfort and soul food. The Indians were introduced to the delight of Biryani only when The Mughals settled in India. The chef’s job is to infuse each grain of rice with the rich flavor of the spices and the tender meat cooking in the pot on slow Dum. I have always envisioned India as a country of diverse cultures our love and respect for each other make us melt in a single melting pot where all flavors of diversity form one uniform culture. The Biryani symbolizes our culture of diversity. How different flavors of spices melt in one single flavor to provide the royal taste of Biryani. To savor the flavor of Tamilian authentic taste book catering biryani orders online at Kalyana Virundhu Biryani in Chennai

Our biryani is cooked by traditional cooks who have cooked Muslim-style biryani for also the latest generations. Our signature dishes are Mutton biryani and Chicken biryani cooked in the traditional Tamilian style which is full of flavor which boosts your appetite and the palate thanks you for the wonderful taste. Our ingredients right from the tender meat to the spices and the vegetables are carefully chosen and we keep a close eye on the hygiene of the food being cooked. The taste is royal yet it would give you the feel of eating a home-cooked food. So, go ahead and order your food online at Kalyana Virundhu Biryani in Chennai for occasions.

Social Occasions

Birthdays, Family get-togethers, Kitty parties, can become a delicious affair with a Biryani treat.

Special Occasions

Weddings, parties, anniversaries, baby showers, bachelor parties are occasions where people like to serve their guests with our signature dishes of biryani, cooked in the typical Tamilian style as cooked in Muslim marriages.

Corporate Occasions

Biryani is a great dish for corporate occasions where clients and employees get together to celebrate an occasion. We provide a rich lunch or dinner for special days.

We accompany your biryani with brinjal curry, chill onion raita, and bread halwa. If you want you can even order for starters as well. The food will be delivered to the spot. The order needs to be placed 24-48 hours in advance.

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